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Stillness practice

Creating the rhythm of all the steps consciously in stillness is a work that takes time. Don’t get overwhelmed. Go step by step and stay in stillness until your body wisdom wants to be. Then connect slowly and gradually to your inner body wisdom, subtle body and light body. 

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Seeing & transforming internalised misogyny

Misogyny here refers to unreasonable fear or hatred of women that takes on some palpable form in society. It finds social expression in concrete behaviour in all cultures and in the self expression of men and women.

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Healthy boundaries in intimate relationships and in work roles

The feelings are the key to boundaries in us. The sensing of our body and mind vis a vis a situation, place or person, informs what kind of boundary is needed. Boundaries are flexible and never rigid. When it is rigid, we isolate ourself and others.

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Voice and authority

It is true that we all do have a voice, manifest in the two long, thin, coiled vocal cords in our throats. These allow us to articulate and present our innermost thoughts and feelings; make our contributions to the world outside.

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Listening to the body wisdom

Our understanding of disturbances, illness, wellness and dissonances in our female bodies shifted from viewing them as isolated occurrences, as nuisances to be got rid off, something to be set ‘right’ or to be solved, changed to observing them and recognising them as a voice of the body telling us something worthwhile about how we are living our lives and what needs attention that so far we have never known about ourselves nor considered.

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Triangular leadership practices

It is an undisputed fact that we live on the earth and have Cosmos enveloping and making us ‘part of this whole’. When aligned to the universe’s intention and Law of Nature that works for the ‘good of all’ we have access to unlimited resources- boundless energy, synchronicities as guides, ability to sense the subtleties, etc

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Standing in life as powerful strong women


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Part 1: Rewiring for Happiness and Freedom

Aug 2, 2023

The Buddha said, “I would not be teaching this (a path of awakening) if genuine happiness and freedom were not possible.” While this is our potential, we each have deep conditioning to get stuck in feelings of fear, deficiency and separation from others. These talks explore the…

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