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Stillness practice

Creating the rhythm of all the steps consciously in stillness is a work that takes time. Don’t get overwhelmed. Go step by step and stay in stillness until your body wisdom wants to be. Then connect slowly and gradually to your inner body wisdom, subtle body and light body. 

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 It takes months, years to put all these together in stillness practice. It is not ‘a task to perform’ but a rhythm of practice that takes its own time. This has no end but only new beginnings. Questions and confusions get to be different in nature during different periods. Many questions will arise within you about the practices and it is only natural because you are finding your own light to guide. You are becoming your own guru with the light of Moon Mother. Confusions and questions are a prerequisite on this journey. 

Why is stillness so important in woman’s lives each day? Activities like yoga, physical training, walking and so on circulate the blood and removes toxins. This is one important step in physical alignment but not an end in itself. The stillness that we are talking about is like ‘Manasarovar’(the sacred lake on top of Kailash Mountains in Himalayas in India) – the crystal clear waters of the lake where you can see inside the water the whole reflection of the universe. Stillness practice is one of the many practices you need to undertake to find your Moon Mother to light your path and purpose you have come for…..


Seeing & transforming internalised misogyny

Misogyny here refers to unreasonable fear or hatred of women that takes on some palpable form in society. It finds social expression in concrete behaviour in all cultures and in the self expression of men and women.

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Misogyny is not only about women’s lives but also relates to the entire ‘Prakruthi’ (feminine principle of creation) – the creative force that manifests as nature’s forms in the cosmos and in the planet. In a microcosm, it is a woman’s body and life and in macrocosm, it is the body and life force of earth herself. We are here talking about where the roots of misogyny lie, so that we can comprehend its width and breadth inside and outside. We are talking about ‘doing’ something about it with the firm belief that something can be done about…..


Healthy boundaries in intimate relationships and in work roles

The feelings are the key to boundaries in us. The sensing of our body and mind vis a vis a situation, place or person, informs what kind of boundary is needed. Boundaries are flexible and never rigid. When it is rigid, we isolate ourself and others.

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When it is too flexible and too loose, we accommodate beyond our willingness. When we respect and practice conscious boundaries, we also respect other’s boundaries and don’t take them for granted or violate their personal or emotional space. Our emotions give us a cue for saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’. When our physical, emotional or psychological boundary is violated and we may sense it immediately just before it happens or as it is happening and we always have choices. We can honour our intuition and senses or ignore saying ’maybe they did not mean to be that way’. When we ignore it, we might be moving towards becoming powerless victims in that particular situation.


Voice and authority

It is true that we all do have a voice, manifest in the two long, thin, coiled vocal cords in our throats. These allow us to articulate and present our innermost thoughts and feelings; make our contributions to the world outside.

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And just as we discover this wonderful gift- this instrument with which to engage and be engaged with, we are asked to ‘hold it in.’ To watch, see, experience, but not to share. So, we learn, early on in life, to hold in this form of expression. Fine, we say, we will conform. Ha! We will sing instead. Or dance. Or paint. Or use our eyes, our bodies- to say what we want to, what we have to. But we are being watched. As we grow up and into young adults these forms of expression too are denied to us. “Girls from good families don’t dance”. “You can’t even draw a straight line.” “What a waste of time and money.” “Act your age”. “Don’t give me that look young lady.” “Is this any way to dress?” “Girls don’t do this.” “Sit with your legs together.” “Don’t act cheap.” “Don’t stand with your hand on your hip.” And, even as we rebel against these diktats, like the slow dripping of a leaking tap, these statements drip insidiously into our being and start to inform our behavior.


Listening to the body wisdom

Our understanding of disturbances, illness, wellness and dissonances in our female bodies shifted from viewing them as isolated occurrences, as nuisances to be got rid off, something to be set ‘right’ or to be solved, changed to observing them and recognising them as a voice of the body telling us something worthwhile about how we are living our lives and what needs attention that so far we have never known about ourselves nor considered.

[read more] Every ache, pain, crack, accident, degenerative illnesses like arthritis, stomach disorders and such other body symptoms informed us what we have been denying and running away from due to fears, anxieties, phobias, difficult biographies, childhood and teenage traumas etc…. This is what we call reaching ‘the self that knows’ within each one of us, which is waiting to be our loving friend, companion, teacher who teaches from the law of nature rather than the law of culture to which we are habituated to. We are here talking about inner self that knows organically and not about ‘inner voice’. Because there are so many voices within us – a judging voice, a slimy voice that seduces us into doing what it wants us to do, a voice of guilt, voice of internal judge, familiar voice, intuitive voice, tricky voice, habituated voice, and many such voices that are clamouring to surface and take control of our lives. The ‘self that knows’ is like no drama, no compulsion, a dream like image, a gnawing feeling, speaking through symbols, a sudden burst of spontaneous, wild and creative thought and a quick retreat back into the inner recesses demanding alertness and respect to them. [/read]

Triangular leadership practices

It is an undisputed fact that we live on the earth and have Cosmos enveloping and making us ‘part of this whole’. When aligned to the universe’s intention and Law of Nature that works for the ‘good of all’ we have access to unlimited resources- boundless energy, synchronicities as guides, ability to sense the subtleties, etc

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. Once we decide to align and be that leader, the leadership process gets embedded in us. Then what is needed is vigil over oneself, consciousness and mindfulness. This booklet introduces practices that enable that kind of consciousness and alignment. Referred to as the Triangular Leadership Practice, this is an excerpt from the book – ‘Psychic Moon: Teaching to the Women of this Century’. The three basic practices placed here are – Body training, Stillness Practice and Practice of ‘Speaking the Unspeakable’. Stillness practice is about stilling the mind to create space for the intuitive and ‘all knowing’ part of us to emerge and guide us through our path and

purpose in life. And Speaking the Unspeakable is a practice of dialogue that lets us speak our true fears, thoughts, needs, emotions, and true stories to oneself. Body training as a practice helps us to become mindful about our bodies and it’s unlimited wisdom. These three practices are referred to as the Triangular Practice and form one of the foundations for our leadership. When we start on one of the three practices, it opens the doors for other practices. It is impossible that all three practices start all at once. When our devotion to find the truth of ‘who we are’ gets stronger, one practice will lead to another…..


Standing in life as powerful strong women


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