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Stillness practice -

This is an introductory audio for the Stillness Practice-first part of the triangular leadership Practice.

It will be taught over next 3 weeks – building on each layer. These audio guidance will also be available on the website www.kcbhanumathy.com under’ teaching’  in stillness practice.

Stillness Practice – is just about stilling the mind and giving ourself small moments of time in a day to connect with our consciousness, our wholeness, brilliance, inner voice & power, love, peace. Intuition, creative spirit and potency and much more.

We know we are body – mind and we also know there is spirit – you sense it in your energy, enthusiasm, happiness and much more. A simple example for understanding our mind body spirit combo is when you go to sleep, body and mind including your brain had gone to sleep, yet dreams come and go. when you wake up you say ‘I had a good sleep’.

What is ‘that’ which enables you to know this? Your brain had also gone to sleep . ‘ That ‘ I call here as consciousness . It is always there whether we have gone to sleep or awake, we know it or don’t know , aware or not aware, it always ‘holding’ us  in love.  We are always a triangle of mind- body and spirit.

The teaching of stillness will be in 3 parts. It has no dogma, no strict rules, it only needs your intention and discipline to make it part of your life.

 Female body friendly Stillness practice is put together taking lessons from Bihar School of yoga founder Swami Satyananda sarawati’s Yoga Nidra practice to connect to female body and the practice taught by Psychic Moon: Channelled Teaching for women of this century.

Warm welcome to women of all ages to start the stillness The first audio guidance clip will be shared tomorrow.  

As a preparation

you can  read the article ‘stillness practice’ in the book Psychic Moon – A Primer


from the main book Psychic Moon. Moon cycle 1 – 1.4.1 to 1.4.4

Think of Setting an ambience where you will be practicing – a flower , May be a lamp or incense that you like, making your own boundary with a cushion or a comfortable chair or a mat if you want to lie down.

Please Choose an  object that you find is sacred to you. It can be a stone, shell, object of nature, or any religious symbol, a tree, a plant, any object that is sacred to you.

Thank you

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