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Psychic Moon

“You find your own path to walk on. It will be the most difficult task in this life…” ‘I am giving this teaching to you to give to all women who need to find me in their current life. I have been in hiding for ten centuries. It is now or never for finding me- your lover, your teacher, in waiting. Listen to me carefully. What I am saying is hard to understand’…

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Psychic Moon: A Primer

What I present to you in this book are small excerpts from the book – Psychic Moon: Channelled teachings to women of this century, on some of the essential themes in women’s lives. Psychic Moon is a series of transmissions that came to me in my morning stillness practice from the full moon day of November 26, 2002, to full moon day of 15th April 2003. Each of the three chapters came as a spring from one full moon to another full moon of 28 days and continuing after silence of similar period, over a period of six moon cycles.

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Boundaries for Healthy Relationship

Boundaries for healthy relationships

Animals mark their boundaries, are sensitive to the turf of other creatures and respond, viscerally to any approaches to their own marked territory. 

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Boundaries for Healthy Relationship

Voice and authority

“Good girls are to be seen and not heard…” “You ask too many questions…” “Don’t talk back…’ “Keep quiet…” “I don’t want you to breathe a word of this to anyone…” 

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Boundaries for Healthy Relationship

Competence and brilliance

A little girl is born in small apartment in Bombay (now Mumbai) – Bombay a city where space shrinks but population inflates. A city where most people work hard to be seen above the crowd and to be heard above the cacophony. 

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Boundaries for Healthy Relationship

Jealousy, envy, rivalry and competition


“If Jealousy crawls on its belly, can envy be far behind?
I want that which the other has when I am jealous.
And what will you do when you have acquired that which
You covet, you distrust, you suspect….?

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Boundaries for Healthy Relationship

Listening to the body to reach the self that knows

We attempt to place before you
milestones in our inner journey as
leaders. Our intention here is to share
with you some of the significant
universal and unique patterns of our
struggles to break free of the
internalised oppression of our talents,
brilliance, voice and authority.


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Frontiers of Consciousness

This writing is an attempt to demystify
unconscious dynamics for common
person. Usually, it is the domain of
professionals in Psychology. We find it is
useful to understand our own mind as we
live our normal lives to gain insights about
ourself and our relationships.


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Triangular Leadership

It is an undisputed fact that we live on the earth and
have Cosmos enveloping and making us ‘part of this
whole’.When aligned to the universe’s intention and Law of
Nature that works for the ‘good of all’ we have access to
unlimited resources- boundless energy, synchronicities as
guides, ability to sense the subtleties, etc.

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Aastha Conference

Mother nature has been our teacher to inform us of life processes that govern all creations. The leadership model presented here aligns to the creation principle to search for a peaceful, sustainable leadership and is governed by the nature’s primary principles of ‘good of the whole’ and ‘life enhancing’. The model evolves from Action Research – Avani : Five year collaborative leadership program for women 2002- 2006, In Bangalore, India. The work continues till date through conceptualizing, internalizing and applications. 

Living Leadership

This case study is the story of Bhanumathy Vasudevan who ran a five year women’s leadership collaborative from 2002 to 2006 at Bangalore, along with her colleagues Alexandra Merrill and Philomena Vincent. It traces the reasons for starting such an initiative and presents the leadership practices followed by the three leaders during the five years of the collaborative effort and the emergent definition of leadership.

Peace Conference Presentation

A pattern is weaving between these speakers. In terms of peace those at the gathering will hear: current state events that are happening–what can be done–what you can do individually to strive for peace on the planet. The theme and flow emerging is:

A fundamental truth is that the core of peace-making is relationship. Relationship to one another, relationship to the “tribe”, relationship to the Earth ~ our interconnectedness is one of the human race’s most enduring and transcendent qualities.

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