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Self-work tools 1

To recognize the leaks, blocks and stagnations in our mind body energy through our ‘projections’ and to bring to our awareness to it

Note/Important: Please read line by line and do one task after another successively to enjoy the surprise and discovery.

Set the ambience with music/flowers/candle/incense or none. Surely set an undisturbed ‘Me time’ for an hour to do the work alone or in sangha of 2 or more.

Material required: A 4 sheets 2-3, pen,Colour crayons/sketch pens/etc.

Task 1:

  • Bring to your mind three persons you really admire (any gender, living here or passed away,
  • In your journal, please note down the names of 3 persons that you really admire/appreciate and love
  • Note down what are the 2-3 qualities in them that you just love and almost wish you have it too

Task 2:

  • Now bring to your mind three persons who always push your buttons, who irritate you and you just can’t tolerate them.
  • Write their names in your journal and note down what 2-3 qualities of each person

Task 3:

  • Take a white A4 sheet. Draw a large outline of a human being full body. Make sure there is good empty space inside it.
  • In the first half of the space inside write:

All those qualities that you had noted down of your 3 persons you most admire/appreciate, write them inside the human diagram neatly.

  • In the second half of the body space write the qualities of those 3 persons who irritate you, you find it hard to even tolerate them

Now put your name prominently inside the body out line.

Now place the filled body diagram with all those qualities with your name before you.

Take a serious look and study it. What do you honestly perceive?

Don’t you have all those qualities in you too?  you actually see them in others and project it on to them.

Learning dissonance will say- ‘it is all bullshit. Just ignore’. PLEASE DO STAY ON AND LOOK IN THE GENUINE MIRROR BEFORE YOU. You give away your brilliance/talents etc and also all that you don’t want to recognise in you. For some reason, you did not own them and projected it out. Now it is time own your process.

Task 4:

Reflection questions for journalling/notes to oneself:

Take an honest look at each of these qualities and examine do you have them ‘in you’ to some extent?

Have you put them in back burner for some reason?

Or have you banished them for convenience?

What makes it hard to accept it in you?

Task 5: what intention you want to set to keep in your awareness moment to moment?

To understand more of this projection dynamics, read: page 2 of Frontiers of consciousness under Resources @ www.kcbhanumathy.com  




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