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Monthly Full Moon Stillness Circle - 2024

This is a virtual gathering and I hold the space and time. It is always held on the full Moon Day or on the eve of full moon day 06.30 – 07.30 PM IST.

Any women can join the full moon group by sending an email to connect@kcbhanumathy.com  An invitation will be sent to you with some guiding information about the full moon gathering.

Psychic Moon Study Circle

This is a virtual group.

After logging in and freely downloading and scanning through my book “Psychic Moon: Channeled Teaching for Women of this Century’ if you are curious or interested, you may send an email to psychicmoon@kcbhanumathy.com to join the study circle. When 7-10 women are ready to form a study circle, based on their time and space, a monthly or fortnightly

Circle will be held by me. 

Community Of Practice

This is a virtual group.

All women who have completed the Psychic Moon Study Circle may join the Practice group to continue their inner work. The purpose of this group is to support, enable and hold each other for inner work and reflections. The group will choose each time what they want to reflect and work on in their life between the present and the upcoming practice group based on their present insights and reflections. It is an ongoing group as long as the group wants to continue.

Healing circles

These groups started during COVID. Anybody in gender continuum can join these groups. These groups are called when there is a global or natural calamity or any form of violence

And suffering is experienced by any geographical location. There have been two 21-day healing circles during COVID and a week of healing circle during the natural calamity in Turkey-Syria earthquake.

You can email to connect@kcbhanumathy.com for adding you to the healing circle group whenever it occurs or watch my Insta and face book for announcements.

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Psychic Moon: A Primer Free Download

Psychic Moon Free Download