K C Bhanumathy

Bhanumathy Vasudevan

Sacred Cave for Women

Boundary Management Series - 5

"Boundaries are key to how we deal with intimacy, loneliness, conflict, anxiety, stress, and challenges at every stage of life".

They are integral to how our identity is constructed; because they are central to the development of our personalities, to how we think and feel about ourselves and how others experience us- our inner as well as our shared reality- they provide special lens …

Women value relationships as much as, if not more than, any other aspect of life, which is why it’s difficult ‘to distinguish our needs from those of others or decide when to yield our psychological space and when to guard it. We tend to use absence of boundaries with real intimacy, but love that knows no boundaries isn’t love at all- it’s the fool’s gold of relationships, masquerading as that romantic ideal: “two hearts beating as one.”

We may be less comfortable about claiming other boundary rights: to separate from our families without sacrificing our individuality and compromising our adulthood, to clarify how close we want to be to friends and colleagues, to deepen our intimate relationship without losing ourselves in the process; to distinguish among our private, public and social selves; to control our own time; to strike a balance between our longing for connection and our need for separateness.


  • What are your strongly held beliefs that is beneath your significant relationships in family and at work?
  • Do those beliefs make your present relationships healthy and robust or make you compromise your individuality and dignity?
  • Do these old beliefs need re- examination now?

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