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Wisdom at the Cellular Level

The wisdom that we talk of here, is fundamentally at the body cellular level. Body-wisdom knows the depth and breadth of the infinite world and its limitation, and functions through ‘knowing’ that comes from ‘being’. We are caught in a body where aham drives us outside with its mental body, while body wisdom takes us to an entirely different world of ‘knowing’. The functional tension between the two, keeps us in balance as a species that are in the process of evolution. As humans, we need thinking, discrimination, rational mind that is like a wild horse and we also need the deep and balanced body wisdom to move through evolution.


Aham is the rationalising, discriminating, perceiving head of the the human body. It primarily functions in the mental body and is created through one’s personal history. Aham is like the watchdog of the body that is accustomed to taking over control and choices. Aham through its creation of the mental body exists mostly in known and conscious realms. It is governed by finiteness of the body and therefore limited in its thinking and function.

It also facilitates cognition, the faculty of knowing. It gives you the ability to discern, and

to have thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and higher psychic abilities. This body extends beyond the emotional and is composed of still finer substances, all of which are associated with thoughts and mental processes. The mental body is also a structured body. It contains the structure of our ideas. Habitual thoughts become very powerful well-formed forces that then affect our lives.


Cells are basic elements, which all beings are made of. Breath is the cellular channel of life force that connects us to cosmic forces. Each cell of our body gets nourished through the life force of the cosmos that is connected through breath. The same law applies to all beings. It is this life force which connects and nourishes all beings like trees, turtles, bees, mountains, rivers and us – human beings. Magnetic forces between these beings that always stand in relation to each other act as the force that connects all these cells and the minds within these cells.


 Each cell has a mind of its own and given a chance it can very well function without the logical brain. A specific organised cellular structure and form is called dog, tree, turtle, bee or human being. All these cellular beings have senses in common. What is uncommon with human beings is the differentiated body-mind wisdom coming through the cells and the thinking with the rational mind that is linked to aham. But the paradox here is that the logical reasoning mind in each of us -the mental body, takes control of the minds of the cells. The commander in charge is the aham and it wants to ensure that the entire cellular connections between all beings are in shape and strength in the way it desires.


 The dynamics of the mental body and the electro magnetic force that stand in relation to all the beings through their body cells get into conflict. The cellular mind wants to move like a tortoise slowly, steadily and feel the ground it moves on with consciousness. The mental body controlled and dictated by aham wants to move at super sonic speed and is always

working against the ‘cellular mind’. Over time, the mental body takes over all the bodies- physical body, light body, energy body and the etheric body.

Every philosophy at the core talks of stilling the mind run by aham and staying with the cellular minds to invoke them. The only problem is that every philosophy comes with its dogmas that bring the aham into force. We are trying to get out of dogmas and workbooks here. We are about following the mind of cells and invoking their wisdom that has long been forgotten – due to sheer inertia brought about by traumas and wounds in

women through many births.


The point of celebration here is that women with earnestness to find our path and travel consciously can invoke the cellular wisdom deep down quickly through connection to the great mother compared to other beings. It is like a channel, doors wanting to be opened and like ‘target directing arrows’ towards it. Target here is the cosmic Moon Mother and the arrows are each human woman.


By being in practice, our being – the tiniest cell of cosmos gets nourished and becomes robust through any or all of the triangular practices. The intra (within) and inter-cellular fluid (between) of body cells, between one human woman body and the other, gets connected and nourished by the life force through our triangular practices.


The present state of the women’s bodies and their intra-cellular fluid is in keeping with the earth body- our planet. The intra and inter- cellular fluid of human bodies want to be in rhythm with the cellular mind of the earth to nourish each other and live in harmony and peace. But this is in total chaos at present as the whole cellular mind of humans and the earth is completely confused and directionless. The intellectual and reasoning mind wishes to control this fluid space for its own ‘assumed’ survival. Aham of all the human beings wants to be in control of mother earth and interferes with her natural cellular consciousness. The controlling aham with its ‘good’ intentions takes charge and adds to the confusion, inertia and a state of ‘learnt helplessness’ resulting in the women and earth being in a comatose state.


Aham works to keep the body’s cellular mind suppressed and in inertia by its mental body activities through thought forms. Each thought form of the mental body has its own shape and vibrations and acts on the inter and intra- cellular fluid connections. The thought forms spontaneously arise from the aham out of fear, anxiety for survival, getting aham’s own needs met and to be always in charge. The thought forms that arise out of benevolence and love are much lesser than thought forms arising out of wanting control, survival, fear and anxiety. Aham’s thought forms are at supersonic speed creating a particular dense vibraionary field that calls upon certain beings and spirits to aid this speed and control. This

is layered on top of the cellular wisdom and its consciousness, making it become claustrophobic with no space to ‘be’.


 To be in `right’ relationship, we need these comatose cells in human women and the earth to be awakened and join the critical mass to bring back nature’s rhythm that heals, loves and nourishes to do the work both humans and the earth have originated for. The triangular practice of women wakes up each of these comatose cells in themselves, in other un-awakened women and the earth mother. In this century, women’s lives are about doing this foundation work, to bring back nature’s rhythm to earth and her beings. The work

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