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Stillness practice -
Layer 1

Warm greetings!

I hope you have gone through the introductory audio posted yesterday and all the terms –

Connecting luminous line, sacred object, location of perineum are all familiar now to you!

Set your own ambience for the stillness practice.  

  1. Take a comfortable position and make sure your back is straight sitting or lying down. If you lie down tell yourself – I will be awake and will be tuned to the guiding voice outside or inside.
  2. Keep the sacred object near you or if they are far away connect to their energy.

Take a scan of your body for tight muscles and breathe and relax them consciously.

Bring in a light smile on your lips and let the facial muscles relax.

Just connect to the sounds outside and inside, moving from one sound to another. Listen to as many sounds as possible.   

Gently, take your attention to your breath – just watching it as it is, not changing, not controlling.

Watch your breath – your dear friend always there for you – energising you, cleansing you, healing you, connecting you, and loving you.

Sense the  Quality of the air at the nostrils, cool air going in warm air going out, filling every cell of your body with life force. Watch the passage of the breath – nostrils, throat, chest, stomach, moving to whole body.  Watch your breath with love and gratitude!

Imagine a central luminous line of light, like that of the luminosity of mercury,  running from the centre above your head through your fontanel, aligning with the centre of your spinal cord to the Perineum” – (tiny patch of skin between your vagina and the anus), extending  between your legs to mother earth.

Luminous line holds the radiant energy of the Moon mother and earth, mothering your body. Your luminous line is your connection to earth mother and Moon mother. It is always there holding you, loving you.

Now connect to your sacred object and request it to be your guide and guard when you are in stillness. Trust and do not have an iota of doubt. Trust here is most important.

Imagine the radiant light from the central luminous line expanding on all eight directions, above and below occupying more and more space through the ever-spreading light. Each day imagine it is spreading more and more reaching across skies, rivers, seas, planets, and stars.

 You are such an important and precious being in the world and you are connecting to other precious beings in the planet and cosmos. You are well contained in your physical body, and you are also unbounded energetic life force both at the same time.

In stillness observe your luminous line and your breath. With this consciousness, just stay in stillness for however long you wish to – may be 5 minutes, 10 or 20 or 40.

Let thoughts come and go and watch them as clouds in the sky. If you get carried away, come back  to your luminous line and breath. How many ever time you get carried away, let it be and just come back to your line of light and your breath. Mind is doing its job, and your job is to hold stillness.

When you end, send healing, love, peace, wellbeing to all beings of the earth and cosmos, your near and dear ones and thank the sacred object for its protection.


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