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Mysteries of breath and cells in
women’s body

Notes before reading the article:

Luminous connecting line-

central luminous line of light, like that of the luminosity of mercury, running from the centre above your head through your fontanel, aligning with the centre of your spinal cord to the Perineum, extending between your legs to mother earth. Luminous line holds the radiant energy of the Moon mother and earth, mothering your body. Your luminous line is your connection to earth mother and Moon mother. It is always there holding you, loving you.

Moon Mother:

She is the light source- origin of all of us-sheer unimaginable brilliance of light. You can call her what you like. She is sun, moon, and all of cosmos. She is the primary care and love giver of this cosmos. She creates and accesses each female being through the Moon, the source of cool light that which appears and disappears continuously. Women’s bodies embody the Moon Mother fully through the twenty-eight-day uterine menstrual cycle to her 28 days of waxing and waning from one full moon to another.

Breathing is not just a mechanical function of the lungs. It is much more than you can imagine. It is a dear friend of your life force. If this friend is impoverished the life force is also impoverished. Your awareness and practice of breath must enrich your life force more intensely so that your journey to Moon Mother is coming out of strength and unimaginable energy for this work. When you watch your breath with awareness, first watch the nostrils, neck, and heart region and then the stomach and the pelvis. As you move on you find your whole body is breathing in rhythm. It takes time to go to this place. Watching the rhythmic yogic breath with love, allows you to heal the diseased cells that carry the wounds and traumas of all births in women.

When you come to this sensation of your whole- body breathing, you get to the cells of the body with your practice. Simple   breathing exercises of pranayama before going into stillness practice makes the access to the cells of our body easier. These exercises of breathing are not about control, but that of removing blocks in your flexible luminous central line that is grounded in earth and reaches to the fifth level of the space. Blocks exist because of our body habits, postures we are used to, for our comfort.

Just merely watch the body habits of your parents and those you lived with as a child. They make an imprint on your brain, programming your body posture and habits in a particular way. To get to your own alignment and tuning to Moon Mother, it is important to re-pattern the breathing at all times while you sit, stand, when agitated, while sleeping, playing, reading and while engaging in your regular activities. Over time, awareness of your breath becomes an integral part of you to being alert and watchful.  Your life force then gets stronger for the journey to Moon Mother. The restless ‘tiger’ breathing becomes a friend, willing to carry you through your journey. Remember all this work is about awareness of breathing and not about control for any siddhis.

 With breath work, the courage for standing up for who you are and to find and walk your path gets vitalised and intense. Then you emanate an energy and aura around you that lessens the distractions and deviations from within, family and the world around. The conflicts slowly recede in the family system with cleansing of unblocked energy between and those around you. The microcosmic transformation within you influences what happens around you. Especially your family leaves you alone to do your work and even willing to support you;

sometimes thinking you are unique, sometimes thinking you are doing great work of the cosmos, thinking that you are precious in the hands of the divine and just standing by you. 

Breath is our only sacred means to heal women from traumas and wounds inflicted through civilisations and about healing this planet. Unless we know how to stay aligned to Moon Mother through the ‘vahan’ of breath, we will be wasting millions of years to bring about the revolution in the cellular structure in human women. Through breath, each cell in our body feeds through the luminosity of the connecting line and in turn gets nourished by the breath. In our deeper stages of stillness practice we can sense this happening in our body – the sensation of the whole body, the multitude of cells breathing when we are rightly aligned. Each cell is then in a healthy state, preparing for altering the basic structure to receive and hold the Moon Mother’s light.

 Breathing practice underlies all the practices and prepares us to clean the channels of communication with the cells of our body, other bodies and that of the earth herself. While we are talking about women’s body, we are also talking about earth mother’s body. When we nourish the cells of our body through alignment, we are also nourishing the earth’s body through our micro work with our breath. Any breathing practice that we choose first to position ourself in stillness and create a rhythm of breathing, is the starting point of stillness practice. It is the foundation for keeping the luminous connecting line all through our waking and sleeping hours. All it needs is the alertness and consciousness that we are part of the movement to alter the cellular structure in women and Mother Earth for the present and the coming generations. 


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