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Body training
(Base line of Triangular Practices)

Notes before reading the article:

Luminous connecting line- central luminous line of light, like that of the luminosity of mercury, running from the centre above your head through your fontanel, aligning with the centre of your spinal cord to the Perineum, extending between your legs to mother earth. Luminous line holds the radiant energy of the Moon mother and earth, mothering your body. Your luminous line is your connection to earth mother and Moon mother. It is always there holding you, loving you.

Moon Mother:

She is the light source- origin of all of us-sheer unimaginable brilliance of light. You can call her what you like. She is sun, moon, and all of cosmos. She is the primary care and love giver of this cosmos. She creates and accesses each female being through the Moon, the source of cool light that which appears and disappears continuously. Women’s bodies embody the Moon Mother fully through the twenty-eight-day uterine menstrual cycle to her 28 days of waxing and waning from one full moon to another.

 What does ‘Body training’ mean?

It is a mind- body- spirit connected personal work with awareness. It is conscious practice each day, at a set point of time preferably, to activate and wake up all parts of body and to stay firmly grounded. What is needed is a devotion to put it in place and develop the particular form gradually.

We know our bodies are habituated in posture, sitting, standing, perceiving etc, in a particular way. As a result of biographies of many births, we have formed certain habits, which work against our wellbeing instead of aiding them. Our bodies need training and a rhythm to break away from these patterns. Body training gradually prepares the comatose parts/cells to wake up and make sure the flowing spring of divine love- the life force, is not blocked in any part of the body.

Body training is an intervention directly at the body cellular level and is not easy. There will be hundred reasons- logical and perfect, inside and outside to stop the training. However, it is an essential part of self-care. What is important is to set up the bodywork rhythm in place, so that cells learn about them and are able to trust because of the devotion shown in breaking the old body habits, that we have gathered in this life and are born with.

Our female bodies have been distorted, misaligned, tortured and traumatised by civilisations. It is a lifetime work to bring our body in tune with Moon Mother. Every woman’s life is so full of activities of body and mind it appears there is less or no time to do the body training.

The simplest and steady body training is to walk whenever there is an opportunity; with your consciousness to the perpendicular luminous alignment connecting you above and to the earth below, be it at home, streets or regular walking activity. All through your walking, open your heart and draw out your chest. This does not come easily and this practice helps you to train the body to do it. The passion for rigour and practice to be in this work is a fundamental requirement. The rest is easy.

 Body training can be a systematic brisk walk, in nature alone, with alertness to central luminous line. It can be yoga that is appropriate to that particular body which breaks the old body habits with mindful and slow rhythm. It can be a particular form of dance created with an aim to wake up all parts of the body, comprising of body movements. It can be a particular form of martial arts that is appropriate to that particular body. Or it can be some combination of many of these put together to suit the specific body. One kind cannot fit all. Based on life stage and circumstances, body nature and the body habits, challenges, intensity and fluidness, the kind of bodywork has to be determined by oneself through trial and error. Body training makes sure the glandular juices formed through the organs aid the waking up, helps in breaking out of wrong postures and habits that block the central line of connection.

Fortunately, current times have the privilege of yoga in all corners of the world. Learning yoga and practicing each day is one of the ways to train the body. It is important to understand that yoga is slow and connects your mind and body and is not a mere physical activity. Yoga connects you to the cosmos – the yug. The word comes from the ancient Sanskrit root word yug, which means “to unify”.  Your alignment awareness and mindful yoga trains the body and prepares it for the transformation of mind structure in each cell. Each cell has a mind of its own and we are leveraging on this aspect in the journey to the Moon Mother.

All performing arts like all kinds of dances that connect mind, body and emotions to the cosmos, music that brings awareness- of the nadha (Sanskrit word for sound straight from the heart; sound from deep within the soul) and martial arts are suitable body training forms irrespective of your age. Any innovative body activity that is put together with the basic elements of all these forms that connect the mind and body in alignment to space above and the earth below is also a good form of body training. Please bear in mind, there will be no immediate results as we are talking here of the transformation of the mind structure in each cell of a women’s body which is slow.

One of the essential elements of body training is to keep the central luminous line of connection (from the fontanel aligning with centre of spinal cord to the perineum and moving between your legs to earth) and align our energies to the cosmos and earth.

What is most important to notice during body practice?

Our bodies are different kinds of ‘dog tail’. They love to go back to their original position at the least chance. Dog’s tail is permanent and our bodies are amenable to change with sustained and devoted practice in a rhythmic nature each day or week. Body training gradually prepares the comatose parts of our body and cells, to wake up and unblock the flowing spring of divine love in all parts of our body. We are talking about opening many doors of our body to the guiding millions of spirits around us. It is the consciousness and alertness to the ‘dog tail’ nature of body that is most important during the practice and throughout the day. It is again about programmed cellular structure that enables the dog tail nature- we are here utilizing the same nature to form a conscious ‘dog tail’, from an ‘unconscious’ blocked dog tail nature of the body. The cells very slowly learn that the different body rhythm that is being set in place of the old is actually loving and healing and it can be trusted. This different dog tail nature will slowly form to open the heart to Moon Mother and to the guiding millions of spirits.

Body training is a practice in ‘mindfulness’. Mindfulness to breathing, mindful to old body habits that block energies, mindfulness to ‘dog tail’ nature, mindfulness to the difficulties of a new rhythm and the struggles between gross body and subtle/ light body, etc. It is conscious practice each day at a set time preferably, to activate and wake up all parts of the body to stay firmly grounded.

Body training is not mechanical but mindful and enables the other two parts of triangular practice – Stillness practice and Speaking the Unspeakable. All three parts are related as in an equilateral triangle. The body training in women is the base line of the triangular practice and holds the place for the other two practices to happen. When you put in place body training rhythm, you are strengthening the base line of each of the other triangular practice for Speaking the Unspeakable and Stillness practice. Every small part of the practice you do, is interconnected to other practices for altering and re-programming the cellular structure.

 Reflection Questions:

  • If you have a body training practice, how would you like to design, experiment and enrich your body training practice?
  • What is required of you in terms of inner work, to start the work of finding the right body training for you? What could be your challenges?
  • What kind of supports you need to have in place?

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