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Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are like a fence with a gate that opens and shuts when needed. The gate opens to allow into our experience what we want. It opens when we say’ yes’. The gate shuts out what we don’t want to allow into our experience. It closes when we say’ No’.


  • Are you able to say No when you want to say No in close relationships? (appropriately)
  • Can someone attempt to convince you to think, believe or act the way they want against your wish?
  • Do you often compromise in intimate relationship to avoid saying your truth /yes /NO for avoiding for harmony?
  • Is there respect for your individuality, your special needs, values and desires in intimate/close relationships?
  • What do you do when you are ignored or neglected by your significant other?

Based on your responses for all the above questions-

Do you think you have a healthy boundary in your close relationships?

Or is it porous/leaky with lot of compromises ending in unhappiness?


Boundary creation and management is a skill anyone can learn.

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