K C Bhanumathy

Bhanumathy Vasudevan

Sacred Cave for Women

Stillness practice -
Layer 2

Warm greetings!

I hope you have gone through the introductory audio and Layer 1 of the stillness practice. As a continuity, today I am offering Layer 2 Stillness Practice

There are two elements that are added in this layer:

  1. Experiencing whole body breathing with subtle vibrations.
  2. Receiving a syllable/s in your stillness

In stillness the syllable will choose you and you need to be JUST OPEN to receive the syllable/s. These syllable/s can originate from within, as it originated when you were an infant. You have to trust yourself and your body to choose the syllable. They are primordial sounds, sounds of nature, the sounds an infant utters.

When you end, send healing, love, peace, wellbeing to all beings of the earth and cosmos, your near and dear ones and thank the sacred object for its protection.


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