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Next series- Voice,
Self -Authority and Power

We are starting the work on:
Voice and Self -Authority:

the authority that always ‘is’ in us, our birth gift, whether we use it not.

This voice -authority teaching series next, will cover voice politics in women, original article on ‘voice and self -authority’ based on our action research, and self-exploring tools for ‘voice work’.

Using much of our internal resources endowed in us depends a lot on how we trust ourself and look straight in the eye of all fears rising within us. The root of all these lies in transforming Internalised habituated patterns, which has taken deep roots in our psyche over centuries entrapping our talents, potentials, yearnings and our brilliance. All this is not typically intellectual work of comprehension alone and is also about diving deeply into our socio- emotional inner world.

We aim to bring awareness about what voices we use typically out of habit and how this powerful personal resource can be used, for manifesting our full potential, joy and enabling joyful relationships. The tools we will be sharing help in self -work and as learning tools for anyone working with women.

Paper - Peace Conference

Paper - Aastha Conference

Paper-Living Leadership

Article -Triangular Leadership

Article -Frontiers of Consciousness

Article - Jealousy, envy, rivalry and competition

Article -Competence and brilliance

Article - Voice and authority

Article - Listening to the body to reach the self that knows

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