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Voice work Step2

With step 1 last week, we have become aware of our voice life line, its patterns, habits, and what events in life brought changes in the way voice is used by you NOW and might have given you some insights on how you use your voice.

Let us begin Step 2 :

  • Please draw the following diagram preferably on a large sheet/A3 paper, or on A4. Make the diagram as large as possible.
  •  In the innermost small circle mark ‘Me’

  • Those who are very close /intimate to you mark ‘x’ in the innermost circle line and name them. You may use their short name/code for ease/confidentiality.

  • Similarly go ahead to the second circle and place who are emotionally close to you- for example, best friends, special aunt, and then move to third circle line placing those who are important to you. They are there in your life because of familial/social/professional/other reasons.

  • Last circle, place others who are in your life other than those in the first three circles.

  • Connect the ‘me’ in the middle with a line to each member you have marked ‘x’ in all the circles. Go from inner most circle to the outer circle.
  • Mark by emojis/codes what voice/s you use in that particular role/relationship on the connecting lines or in a separate sheet of paper as a chart or in the margins of the diagram   so that you can see them clearly.

Reflection guide:

  • Place the completed diagram before you and see the whole picture of your relationships at present and take a good look, spend some time quietly with it and do your own analysis of voices you use in each relationship. Are they serving you presently? Are they bringing joy and satisfaction? Is it free and fair voice in the relationship?

Stay with these reflections…..

There are 2 more steps to voice work- linking voice to relationships and self-authority. This will be covered next week.

Practice guide:

  1. What is your inner guiding voice (not the judging voice or chatter) now calling out to you?
  2. What beginning experimentations you wish to start? Be very specific.in which relationship and what kind of voice? Start slowly – baby steps, slow change, meditated calculated steps, not to topple the apple cart. Only you are changing and others around you are where they are. Be consistent in your action.
  3. Do you wish to just stop something that is just not serving you and your dignity?

Stay with these reflections…..

There are 2 more steps to voice work- linking voice to relationships and self-authority. This will be covered next week.

Make your own ‘Notes to self’

  1. what is it revealing to you about your use of voice and relationship dynamics?
  2. Analyse patterns between the nature of roles/relationships and the voice you use in those.
  3. What are the root causes for particular voice in relationship- biography? Habits? Fear of consequence? Confidence? Trust? Any particular emotion? Past history? Conditioning?
  4. what are your insights emerging about use of your voice in each relationship circle? Any common and specific patterns of using voice in each circle?
  5. What do you do to your self -authority and power by using particular voices in those specific roles/relationships?
  6. What happens to your capacities, talents, and competencies in particular relationships?
  7. What are the connections to voice and power in these relationships?

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