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Voice Power and its Politics in Women

(Excerpts from the book: Psychic Moon : Teachings for Women of this century)

Notes before reading the article:

Luminous connecting line

Luminous connecting line- central luminous line of light, like that of the luminosity of mercury, running from the centre above your head through your fontanel, aligning with the centre of your spinal cord to the Perineum, extending between your legs to mother earth. Luminous line holds the radiant energy of the Moon mother and earth, mothering your body. Your luminous line is your connection to earth mother and Moon mother. It is always there holding you, loving you.

Moon Mother

She is the light source- origin of all of us-sheer unimaginable brilliance of light. You can call her what you like. She is sun, moon, and all of cosmos. She is the primary care and love giver of this cosmos. She creates and accesses each female being through the Moon, the source of cool light that which appears and disappears continuously. Women’s bodies embody the Moon Mother fully through the twenty-eight-day uterine menstrual cycle to her 28 days of waxing and waning from one full moon to another.

Triangular Practices

This is about three personal practices – Body training, Stillness Practice and Practice of ‘Speaking the Unspeakable’. Stillness practice is about stilling the mind to create space for the intuitive and ‘all knowing’ part of us to emerge and guide us through our path and purpose in life. And Speaking the Unspeakable is a practice of dialogue that lets us speak our true fears, thoughts, needs, emotions, and true stories to oneself and in female circles (2 or more). Body training as a practice helps us to become mindful about our bodies and its unlimited wisdom


Aham is the rationalising, discriminating, perceiving head of the human body.It primarily functions in the mental body that facilitates cognition, the faculty of knowing. Mental body is created through one’s personal history. Aham is like a watch dog of the body that is accustomed to taking over control and choices.it is governed by finiteness of the body and therefore limited in its thinking and function.


Sounds that are most basic vibrations in nature. They are pre-linguistic, before the language acquires meaning; Sanskrit word for sound straight from the heart; sound from deep within the soul.

Voice here is not about the familiar forms we know of violence, belligerence, seething fire, tool of terror, and many other forms. Voice in this discussion is not mere physical sound but it is about use of power. Voice as a use of light power happens when you stand up for who you are really when you walk your path with the light of Moon Mother and live your passion in the service of the planet. Then, whatever you speak and not speak are different ways of using your light power – the power that alters the world around you for peace, justice and harmony. When you live your life with the Moon Mother in your heart, what you speak is the truth of the moment and has a cascading energy of waves that reaches whomsoever it is intended to reach across distances long and short. Voice power is a potent tool in the hands of women walking their path and an ammunition for peace, justice, love and harmony.


When we want to bring our authentic voice out, fear grips each cell even as we begin to talk about it. In fact, heart has been desiring all the time to speak out but did not want to do it or did not know how to do it in the world of relationships we live in. Sometimes the voice gets muffled in the throat, sometimes in the heart, in the belly, in the vulva and sometimes stuffed into the ear, the hands, legs, neck or head. Every occasion it was stuffed, the cells get deformed, destroying and dis-easing themselves, sometimes apparently and sometime silently. As women we are neither trained nor know how to bring out this voice out in the world of relationships, we live in. We see the ‘stuffing’ as natural, harmonious and virtuous, and sometimes feel it is the ideal action. It has so far served the purpose of keeping the comatose body and mind intact.

What is valid is a fearful voice inside us. The fear is the instrument that snuffs the voice out and it has learnt to do so that it guards from all the consequences of being a strong woman.

Whenever women have dared to bring their true voice fleetingly, they were punished, ostracized, isolated, burnt, murdered and kept in the gallows to make sure that the voice never comes out.  Now how do we turn the table?

Each time when the voice wants to come out loud, watch the pattern. Where is it rising from? How is it distorted? Is it made into sweet poison or burning fire or a mute rebellion? The cells are pre-programmed to do so in spite of your heart’s wish to be different.

The snuffed-out voice either destroys oneself or destroys the other, using the shadow power. What is oppressed and suppressed gets carried in the ‘shadow’ thereby wielding its influence covertly. (Psychologist Carl Jung’s term of ‘shadow’ here may be useful to understand). Once you have identified the patterns of how you snuff out your voice and get a handle on it, now you can laugh at it alone or together in a women’s circle. This makes it much easier to take off the load of fear, shame, guilt, and all that goes with it. It is not one singular pattern- it is patterns within patterns forming a tight geometrical design. When you watch, you observe one voice pattern in family, another in the neighbourhood, another pattern at the worldly work, another as the member of the cosmos and another in a trusting female circle and so on. One feeds on the other holding down the voice. Once you stay in triangular practice and watch the patterns of how the voice is muffled or buried or distorted your cells see, hear and know what it does to you. What emerges is the consciousness of the politics of voice within you.

You are never powerless even when you snuff out or distort your voice. You are only using a power of a different kind dictated and controlled by the cellular structure that is programmed through civilizations. In such case, you take no accountability for your voice in that comatose body but not anymore with the Triangular Practice in place. Voice by itself is nadha (potent sound) the pure power- that can do magic, transform, heal, harmonise and deal with shadow power of fears of all kinds. The programming of cells has conditioned us to kill the power of nadha either to kill one-self or become fiery and kill all around. The question here is about training the voice to be ‘in the service of the whole’ and not in the service of controlled programming of cells that serve the mind to stay comatose?

How do we transform the state of voice now, to the powerful nadha that is benevolent and loving and works through light power and not the covert power that is underground like the slippery oily floor?

Identifying the present voice pattern is the first preparatory step in transforming the cells. The second is to train the voice to be the powerful nadha. We know now it requires re-programming of the cellular structure. Think of any syllable or a junction of primordial sounds (sounds that the infant come with prior to language or the sounds of nature) that you intuitively pick up and repeat inside silently. Imagine the sound waves are emanating at the perineum (where remains the ‘cell’ of Moon Mother) and passing through the flexible luminous central line through the centre of our body aligning with the spinal chord and exploding at the centre of the head to the space above. You can do it any time, any place in the world and at home, during stillness practice and body training. With this practice the chatter in the place of voice gets, less and less. Your voice patterns related to chatter, slowly changes breaking the old patterns. The change is slow and no one knows except you. The voice comes into your service as a friend in your journey to find the Moon Mother and stay in the path of passion.

The practice of ‘speaking the unspeakable’ within gives out different cleansing sound energy. During stillness, the syllable repetition tunes in with the sound energies of the cosmos and you become a player in the cosmic orchestra. When you speak the unspeakable in a female circle whatever size it be, it has not only cleansing but piercing energy, to impact the un-awakened parts of the female circle.

The voice power we are discussing here is completely of a different nature. It emanates a particular energy that heals all that needs to be healed, transforms, balances and harmonises the energy around. This voice says without physically saying it in such a way that others around hear it clear and loud and stop on their tracks. The voice power heals the split in a human woman’s life, where lies the root and foundation of misogyny.

You will surely experience the voice power of every individual woman and their collectives with the release of Moon Mother from her ‘cell’. While doing this work, the millions of enabling spirits await to help you in standing up for what you believe in and walk your path. It requires your devotion to the practice, discipline and training of nadha. First, the frenzy of misogyny around each woman recedes in and around her, infinitesimally. There is cleansing of energy inside and outside, so that the millions of awaiting spirits can aid and guide each woman in her path in the silent underground revolution of cells, minds and hearts. When this happens, there is no drama inside or outside but out on the stage of the world, you begin to see drama scenes changing their course.

While reading these passages, some women can comprehend it as they know it is beginning to happen in their lives. Some women get it in their belly and not in their head. Some women will find it incomprehensible but slowly, the meaning will reveal itself.

The silent voice that is heard inside and outside actually without speaking it out is the blossoming of light power in the service of the Moon Mother. Voice as a use of light power has the sound energy for a transformation of a different kind. Within, the sound energy helps to alter the mind in each and every cell releasing the Moon Mother from her ‘cell’. Voice as a use of light power ‘in the service of whole’ also transforms the three-dimensional space around each woman. It has different vibrations and different altering potentials when spoken out loud and when not spoken. Generally, we assume voice has sound. We never think about silent voice except someone is showing aggression in silence.

When a thought form appears on the mind screen and the body desires to speak it sound energy is formed within the body, whether you speak it out or not. When you speak it out loud, it has a particular vibration of sound energy and when you don’t speak it out, it has another form of sound energy. Sound energy the sonic energy is very potent and modern science uses it in many forms for many purposes.

Most often, you notice when you say out aloud with distorted voice, it is no more relevant. Many times, even when you do not speak it aloud, the others in the family and the world hear you. What you sometimes actually speak is a few words that are powerful and transforming and others hearing it get influenced with the power of the voice, which is ‘in the service of the whole’ and not in the service of the aham. When it is in the service of ‘aham’ you immediately see you have stepped back in use of voice power by the consequences that happen to you. Voice is about power that heals and transforms in the form of sound energy or pure energy put into service of your mission and path. No instantaneous magic here, but slow and steadfast voice power training.

Voice power may still be puzzling to you. What kind of mysterious power is it? The power is as simple as the power of Meera (woman saint of Rajasthan, India) and Khaleeda. The world had to ultimately leave them alone and they were absolutely indestructible. They chose different paths and faced the hotbed of misogyny but did not care about it as they lived their path. All those oppressive forces within and outside are suppressing the real voice of truth in our selves. When it is released through triangular practice and nadha training, a fresh spring of voice power starts at your heart. When many women in the globe do this work of release, she becomes the Ganga (sacred river in north of India) of the planet running across- through the hearts and paths of women – unrelenting, mighty, and majestic and accepts the waste of all kinds that needs to be swept away and purified.

All revolutions bring about change in the mindset and sweep the population with changes that they have to deal with. Imagine millions of women having this voice as a use of light power across the globe and the power in their hearts to transform the undiscussable, rigid, chaotic minds of the leaders who take the globe towards destruction minute by minute – the holocaust onwards to what is happening now, the power play unleashed by the shadow power. We are here talking about revolution through voice power that will change the woman’s life ultimately and the way the globe manages itself.

It may all still sound hazy and vague, as you have not yet experienced this state of affairs within and outside. In small environs, many women have experienced the use of voice as a light power, spoken out loud and spoken inside, creating waves of energy that alter the misogynist mindsets around them. They are microcosmic experiences. Imagine this, as a macrocosmic experience ongoing for many years. The result is a mighty river of voice power traversing the globe, cleansing the waste and the transformation of the unalterable.

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